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Our passion:
dynamic analysis, vibrations, para-seismic vibrations

We analyze:
- dynamic loads acting on structures from:
- moving metro vehicles, trains, trams
- machines (turbine sets, fans, pumps)
- mining tremors

We will help you with:
- checking the safety of existing structures and even those in the design phase in the vicinity of a metro tunnel, tram or railway track
- checking the safety of existing structures and even those in the design phase in the vicinity of mines
- designing foundations for machines
- in situ measurement of vibrations / accelerations or simulation of these vibrations (any source of vibrations)
- the selection of vibration isolation / construction changes due to additional dynamic excitation


- Dynamic analysis/ vibration analysis resulting from para-seismic influences (vehicle vibrations, mining tremors)

- Design of a foundation for a machine

- Selection of vibration isolation / mats / damping pads

- In situ vibration measurements

- Assessment of the precision of plans / Expertise

- Advice / consultation


Our team consists of a group of exceptional, talented people for whom numerical modeling is a common passion.

The Team Coordinator is:

Dr. Eng. Natalia Pietrzak

– PhD in technical sciences obtained in 2016 at the Krakow University of Technology. Thesis”The Influence of Inertia Forces on Soil Settlement Under Harmonic Loading” and a certified engineer;
– licensed designer and specialist in the field of soil dynamics and Finite Element Method (Authorization to Design and Manage Construction Work without Limits No.SLK / BO / 9577/16);
– author of English-language articles on the dynamics of soils and structures and a speaker at numerous international conferences;
– Member of the Committee for the Protection of Mining Areas of the Polish Academy of Sciences PAN (;
– Member of the Executive Board (Secretary) of the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians (PZITB) – Member of the globally respected association Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (PTMTS

The Principal Consultant is:

Professor Dr habil. Eng. Bogumil Wrana

– a long-time lecturer at the Krakow University of Technology with the title of Professor received in 2015 by the President of the Republic of Poland;
– a highly respected and experienced engineer with construction certification (Authorizations to Design and Manage Construction Work without Restrictions No.BPP-8388-138 / 79);
– the author of many books and articles on the dynamics of structures and soils and the Finite Element Method.

Works on the construction site are supervised by:

MSc Walerian Witas

– construction manager with 40 years of experience in large building investments founded in complex geotechnical conditions (factories,
industrial halls, shopping centers, housing estates, hotels) in the country and abroad (including Germany, Kuwait, Russia);
– Chief Technical Director (1981-1993) of the Fabud coal construction company in Siemianowice Slaskie;
– decorated by the state authorities with an officer’s cross for his services in the foundation of building structures in mining areas.


Finite Element Method Analysis of the influence of vibrations caused by subway trains on structures and people
sava minska
Finite Element Method Analysis of dynamic loading
Diagnosis of the deformation of the Kościuszko Mound